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ME-PLAS(M) Sdn.Bhd.

Organization Chart

ME-PLAS (M) SDN BHD, was established in 2004.

It has been set up exclusively to produce the most technically advanced polymer pipe,

AB-3P® (High Impact Resistant, Anti-Bacterial 3 Layer Pipe).

ME-PLAS acquired the Malaysian Industrial Development Authority’s (MIDA) pioneer status recognition in early 2005.

ME-PLAS is equipped with the latest machines such as 8 co-extrusion lines, supa-tite belling system, silo, conveyor system and etc.

ME-PLAS is also fully equipped with up to date computerized hydro test and all other necessary testing equipments.

ME-PLAS aspires and pledges to serve the water industry and improve NRW problems by reducing Total Cost of Ownership(TCO).

ME-PLAS has the necessary approval or certificates from SPAN, SIRIM and FITI Korea for its products.

ME-PLAS production is strictly in accordance with ISO-9001:2008, certified by SGS Switzerland.